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All good things happen when you re align your mind body and soul, and yoga is one of the most powerful way! Yoga is all about connecting with your inner self, where you will be more relaxed, peaceful and stress free. The art of yoga will rebalance your whole life both on and off the mat. Just start from where you are now, be open and see where yoga can take you. I am sure the journey will be worth going and it will be exiting

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Roll down your mats, here we have the most exiting 15-day online yoga classes where we give a series of videos on different asanas, pranayama and meditations along with pictures and reference notes to teach you how to do yoga safely especially for beginners and benefit as much as possible. Online yoga classes can be done at your own time, own space with absolute comfort. You are just a click away from beginner’s online yoga class, where you will find the best online yoga classes for sure!

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Our Trusted Clients

The Yoga session Conducted by Ms Priya at Reliance Trends Went on to be a Mental as well as physical refreshment to the staff here and also motivated them to follow Yoga in their daily routine
Mr. Athul Raj B
Assistant Store Manager, Reliance Trends
I have experienced myriad health benefits from yoga with Priya. She is a thoughtful, committed and exceptional instructor. Her patience and attention especially in restorative yoga sessions was really amazing
Dr. J Alexander
IAS Officer (Former Chief Secretary & Cabinet Minister, Karnataka)
Priya's Yoga sessions are great inspiration to keep ourselves healthy in both body n mind as we feel refresh from all our stresses....Wish u gud luck....
Mr. M M Jose
Inspector of Police, Vigilance & Anti- corruption Bureau, Kollam