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Priya Antony is an international Yoga trainer, writer, clinical psychologist, reiki healer and National Yoga referee by Yoga Association of India recognized by Sports Council of India. She started her career in 1999 under the guidance of Sri.Haridas, A renowned veteran in Yoga and Marma Therapy. She has done her Masters in Business Administration, Yoga and Clinical Psychology. She has won many awards and recognition in Yoga training and therapy. She is a well known certified yoga teacher and for her extensive experimental knowledge on various styles of yoga like Hatha Yoga, AstangaYoga ,kriya yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. She has also given her learning and experience in reputed articles so that people at any level of practice can understand how to perceive yoga. She has a unique style and agility which makes each person understand the benefits of  yoga practice  and make them more interesting and motivating.





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My Inspiration to the world of Yoga

I had a phenomenal success working as a Research Assistant WithWorld Bank on Project in Cashew Industry. After completing the project I got a Job in State Bank Of India, the largest Bank in India.

From a very young age I have been inspired by my father who practice Yoga and meditation daily. So at the age of 15 I answered my calling to the world of yoga and mindfulness. As I shared my yoga practice and knowledge to many people across countries, I observed one important thing that almost 80% of our physical illness comes from within the mind. So, I wanted to study and research more about human mind and its influence on our physical and mental health. At this point I decided to take masters in Clinical psychology and now my personal research on yoga therapy blended with psychological tools and techniques I have a new approach to one’s yoga practice. Rather than learning some yogasanas and pranayama I will sit with each person who is coming to learn yoga and do counselling and behavioral sessions. After the sessions they will understand the root cause of their problems and will work on yoga therapy, pranayama and mindfulness meditation. With in a few weeks you will feel the change and happiness within yourself, which I believe the most important thing a person can achieve in this world.

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